Remembering Static X

I’ve been a metalhead and rock n roller my entire life. People who knew me called it the devil music because most of them were listening to “normal” music as they called it. I remember being a kid and nobody wanted to go near me because I was the freak who was listening to screaming music while other kids were listening to Backstreet Boys and N Sync. When I really think back it’s all because of one band who lead me into the darkness. A band who started my journey into the moshpit. A band named Static X.

When I was a kid, my cousin used to come over a lot and he would often listen to old classic rock n roll. 80’s mostly. At that time I wasn’t interested in that kind of music. But for whatever reason instead of listening to stuff in his headphones and mp3 player he decided to bring a physical album one day. He kept listening to it and it grew on me. I didn’t know the band’s name until years later but that band was Static X. It grew on me and every time my cousin would go off to work I would sneak upstairs and listen to that album (hoping my mom didn’t catch me). My cousin often left his stuff my place because he came by after work and school and basically lived with us. That was when I knew metal was my dirty little secret. I started listening to Drowning Pool and System Of A Down at that time and Slayer. That’s where I started getting picked on at school when I would blast my devil music in class and at recess.

Static X will always hold a special place in my heart and I still listen to their music almost daily. All these years later. 17 years after I first discovered them. When Wayne Static died it really felt like a piece of me died with him. His music was there for me when I didn’t have many friends and I felt like my family didn’t care about me. I felt alone a lot of times and Static X helped get that anger out and was therapy to me. To say I was heartbroken that he died is an understatement. No musician has ever had that kind of impact on me and I’ve never liked a band where someone has died so it was the first time I was hit in the heart by hearing of a musician’s passing. I still feel that he left us way too soon and he had so much more to give to us.

One thing I will always remember about Wayne was his passion for the music. Or the “evil disco” as he called it. Also his passion for the fans. He never went out and half-assed anything. He always gave 100% everytime he went out there because he wanted to give the people their moneys worth. I know he had a problem with drugs and the fact that in the end it’s what killed him is incredibly sad. But, we will always have his music and it will live on forever.

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