DMX is gon’ give it to the IRS! Rapper Is Out Of Jail

Mr X has been a naughty boy. Can I call you Mr. X? How about Mr. D? We could all use some D. Sorry, this article is getting weird so I’ll just get to the point. We all hate paying taxes. We still do it because we’re decent human beings. Taxes help us in many ways by giving us things we need. Sure, a lot of times government does some fucked up shit with our money. LIKE BUYING A FUCKING GIANT RUBBER DUCK TO CELEBRATE CANADA DAY. Yea, I haven’t forgotten that. But taxes also do a lot of good.

The D man went to jail for tax evasion but recently posted a bond of $500K to get out. He has been given travel restrictions to stay in the NYC area but will have a hearing to see if he can leave for work. The D man owes two million dollars to the IRS. I said..I said…I said TWO MILLION DOLLARS! I’ll never see that money in my entire life. The D will be drug tested and not allowed to carry firearms. That makes me wonder if he’s just carrying his gun everywhere. “YO THE D IS GONNA GIVE IT TO YOU! REAL HARD! WHO WANTS SOME OF THE D!?”. Sorry, I think there is something in my water that is making me crazy.

XD may face up to 40 years in prison! Ouchy mama. It actually makes me sad that someone can be so bad at saving their money. We see this with a lot of celebrities. They make millions a year but spend all of it on useless shit just so they can show off how cool they are. “yo I’m the D and I got this house made of diamonds because I’m the D and you can’t touch me. Fear the D or I’m gon’ give it to ya!”. All you have to do is save half of everything you earn and you wouldn’t have a problem. Whatever you get a week. Put half in a fucking savings account and use that to pay your taxes every year. I guess being that I used to be homeless I’ve gotten used to just being fine with a box of crackers for supper and a bed to sleep on. People often ask me what I would do if I won millions of dollars in the lottery. Honestly, not much. I don’t like travelling. I can’t drive cause of my anxiety so cars and boats are out. I hate owning a house because I have no patience to worry about all the maintenance stuff myself. I’m happy in 1 bedroom apartment with nothing but a bed.

Let this be a lesson to all the people out there who aren’t good with their money. Be smart. Save up. Pay off your debts. Pay your taxes. Never spend more money than you have. Material items come and go.

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