Help Us Save Net Neutrality By Fighting Back

Normally, we are strictly a music news site but today I have something I need to say. For most of my 28 year life I’ve been a very vocal advocate for freedom of speech and equal rights among other things. It seems like big cable and phone companies are trying to take away our net neutrality and control everything we see and do online by charging us a ton of fees. It’s times like this where I wish I still had my personal youtube channel because I used to be known for my rants and if there was ever a time to rant this would be it.

Net neutrality is what protects our freedom on the internet. Our ability to do and say what we please. Believe it or not I’m actually defending those internet trolls who always tell me to kill myself. Because it’s their right to say what they want to say and I would never take away anybody’s right to speak. Not in person and not online. That would make me a hypocrite if I defended freedom of speech and stood by and did absolutely nothing as congress took that speech away. Net neutrality is the most important thing to our economy. As someone who has always been an advocate for freedom of speech and equal rights, I firmly believe that if you take away our freedom on the internet you are stripping away what makes us…us. From regular people who just like to watch Youtube videos to businesses who thrive online and grow because of the internet. I will stand and fight to the end if it means keeping our freedom of speech.

On a personal note, I have watched so many of my friends who are musicians make a living doing what they loved because of the internet. They worked hard, they made a name for themselves, they got to live a dream career thanks to the power of the internet. Think of how many people would be affected by not being able to do any of that. If they had no say. If they had no audience. If they had their rights taken from them. They would be nothing. They would be stuck working 9-5 jobs they hated. I used to be a fairly popular Youtuber and I can tell you from experience that the same applies to Youtubers. I’ve met so many Youtubers who got to live a dream doing what they loved every day. They smile just waking up because they have fun. They made their own brand because of their creativity and FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If youtube was taken away tomorrow where would they be? Jobless. Just like that. In the blink of an eye. This is what makes me angry.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been pissed off about something and believe me I’m the wrong guy to pick a fight with because I’ve never backed down from a fight because I fight for the things that I believe in and I’ll be damned if I see so many of my hard working friends out of jobs. I’ll be damned if I walk the streets and see so many people who look like they want to kill themselves because they can never truly be happy working at a job they hate. As someone who suffers from a mental illness (anxiety and depression) my only vices were writing, acting, and entertaining people in some way. The problem is I never fit in. I was never a company yes man. I had my own vision of who and what I wanted to be and I wasn’t going to let a damn person tell me I couldn’t do that. The internet has allowed me to do what I loved and get paid to do so. I will fight anyone who tries to take away my freedom.

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