Demi Lovato Releases “Sorry Not Sorry” And We Want To Marry It

Is it legal to marry a song? I hope so! Everyone has been flooding my Twitter telling me I have to give my thoughts on the new song. If you guys are new to this website I’m a huge Demi Lovato fan. I haven’t written about her yet. I was waiting for the right time and it looks like we are there! I’ve always had a great respect for her. Probably because she is a lot like me. She is a very strong and opinionated person. Not that she treats everyone like garbage but she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Even if thousands of people hate her because people can’t handle the truth. This is also why millions love her. Demi doesn’t try and be above everyone else. She’s just…Demi. She’s just a regular woman who happens to be in the spotlight.

Sorry Not Sorry is about proving her haters wrong and not letting them get to her. To be in the position that Demi is in isn’t easy and people don’t think of that. They think if someone is a big star and in the spotlight they have their head on straight but behind the scenes a lot of times these musicians struggle. A lot of it is because of the haters. You get the typical ones that say “you suck” “your music is trash” but then you get the ones that really get under your skin. “I want to find where you live and slit your throat” or “I hope your mom dies of cancer”. Those are the ones that get to you eventually because it becomes personal. I’ve dealt with this. I used to be a pretty popular youtuber and I’ve seen it all but that stuff didn’t bother me. However, some people really take that stuff to heart and it makes it hard for them to want to continue doing what they love.

This song is basically saying that the best kind of revenge on those haters is to simply prove them wrong by being successful at something you love to do. I can agree to this personally because I’ve been told my entire life that I was gonna grow up to be lazy or I wasn’t good enough to do what I wanted. I was told I didn’t have the look. I ended up being self employed making tons of money doing what I LOVED while they were working their 9-5 jobs that made them want to bash their head against a wall everyday. I had the last laugh by just living my life. The best part about that happening is years later when they message you online and say “wow I love your stuff!” and you think to yourself…weren’t you the one that told me to kill myself for having a dream? Didn’t you tell me to stop living in a fantasy? Now, I’m successful and you tell me you’re a fan of my work. Awesome to be you. There was never a need for me to say “HA HA LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY I’M MAKING” because I never had anything to prove to anybody. I never had to prove I was happy. I just lived my life.

Sorry Not Sorry is a super catchy song and it’s no secret that it’s a big hit worldwide. I highly suggest checking it out immediately! (legally)

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