Why The Pretty Reckless Are One Of The Best Rock Bands In The World

I remember a time when I barely gave the pretty reckless a chance. I listened to a few of their songs but never took the time to really listen to them. Eventually I came to my senses and gave their music a chance. I quickly realized just how good they were. They bring back that old rock n roll sound that you don’t get too often anymore. I always get sad when a “rock” band are a bunch of high school heartthrobs just singing pop love songs. I don’t mean to offend any band but when i think of a ROCK band I think of the old rock n roll bands that were partying/ drinking, had tattoos, smoked on stage, had epic guitar solos. I don’t have a problem with any genre of music. I loved NSYNC and New Kids On The Block but they were in no way rock bands and I would be angry if they walked around calling themselves rockstars.

The Pretty Reckless have brought back that rock n roll edge that is becoming a lost art. It’s more than just sounding heavy. You can be rock and sing some slow ballads. It’s how you do it and how you present yourself that makes you rock. They have that oldschool mindset that I have. What real rock is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bands tell me they were rock and there was nothing rock about them at all. One sounded identical to jonas brothers and that is not rock. I’m sorry. I feel like I’m gonna offended Jonas Brothers fans. I’m not throwing shade at them but I have that oldschool mentality of what a rock band should be.

The Pretty Reckless’s recent album “Who You Selling For” does a good job at that garage/grunge sounding rock that a Nirvana would have. It shows that you don’t NEED to be screaming and killing your voice to be a true rock band. You can keep your rock sound in slower songs. How you include the instruments and vocals are key to the rock sound and they did that very well on that album. They had heavy songs but most of them were slower.

Most importantly, the band is having fun. You can see it in every song they play. The passion for the music is always there. Rock is what brings people together and at the time it’s a great way to get the anger out during the heavier songs. The Pretty Reckless understand what it means to be a true rock band.

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