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It’s weird for me to sit here and claim I am an anti-news website at the same time as being a news website. Here me out. Often times people will point out to me certain things that I should and shouldn’t be doing. Bascically, they want me to be like everyone else. I pride myself on being completely different from any other news website out there. I give my honest and personal opinions. I don’t just google facts about musicians and give robotic articles. I tell a story. I give MY personality. I also make it a mission to never lie. People don’t believe me when I say I don’t lie. Sure, I did when I was a kid but once I was old enough to legally be an adult I had no reason to lie. Our culture is so wrapped up in lies that people cannot believe that someone doesn’t lie.

Ever since I was a kid I grew up around the music industry. Every friend I had was in a band. I went to concerts as much as I could. I got to meet and hang out with musicians. I also suffer from anxiety and depression so listening to music everyday was always my vice. It was my safe place where I could be happy. I loved everything about music and I still do to this day. I know the struggle of musicians and what they deal with daily. I take the business very seriously because I care about it. Most “news” websites create fake articles and misquote bands. They spin the truth to make these musicians sound like assholes. I would never do that because I have respect for every man and woman who is doing what they love. When I write an article I NEVER (and will never) trash any musician (unless they are actual jerks who respect nobody).

I’m sick and tired of the media lying and spinning stories just to get headlines. It was only recently I started to write more articles on popular musicians but I’ve always prided myself on writing articles on musicians who respected the business and their fans. I wanted to get their name out there and give them the recognition they deserve because I know how hard it is for a musician to get their name out there. I pride myself on helping the underdogs because I’ve been an underdog my entire life. Everything I’ve ever done I started at the bottom and made a name for myself doing something I loved and proving the doubters wrong. Every time I start a new career I start from scratch. All over again. I’m fine with that because I get to be me. I don’t wanna do things anybody else’s way because I wouldn’t be true to myself. I would be a sell out. Just to get views? I’d rather get 0 views and keep my dignity then a million views lying about a band and dragging their name through the dirt just so people will click on my website. That is pathetic.

I have made so many friends with bands/musicians since I started this website 2 months ago. I don’t claim to be popular. I don’t claim to be rich making these articles. But I never thought I’d get nearly 2’000 views in just 2 months and reach over 60 countries. I never thought I’d have the biggest musicians in the entire world following me on twitter and messaging me privately. I never thought I’d have smaller musicians contacting me personally and asking me to promote their music. It’s been an amazing ride and I hope to continue this for a long time but even if it all ends tomorrow I will be happy at everything I’ve accomplished by staying true to myself and my love of music. I will be happy knowing I didn’t step on anybody to get to the top.

And for the people who have been offended by a few of my articles where I called out musicians I want to make something very clear. Like I said in this article, I am anti-news website. I don’t have a boss and I don’t want one. I respect every musician who respects others. I’m a nice guy but I’ve never been afraid to call people out for being idiots. “you said you don’t lie”. I don’t. I’ve been honest from day one that if you disrespect me or your fans I’ll be there to give my honest thoughts on the fact that you’re a piece of shit. Telling me that I should be professional as a news website doesn’t apply to me. 99% of my articles are positive. The 1% are musicians who absolutely deserve to be trashed. I don’t go around looking for a fight but I’ve never been afraid to finish one. I speak the truth. I tell it like it is and people don’t like that. God forbid I’ve offended your favorite band. Listen, if I meet that band and they decide to punch me in the face for no reason am I supposed to just stand there and take it? What if that band punched someone else in the face? Should I just watch the victim get punched and not do anything? No, I’m gonna step in and do something. The same applies to this website. If they’ve done something to me or someone else I’ll call them out. It’s simple.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me and this website. The one thing that keeps us together is music. Never forget how amazing that feeling is because it’s something that connects all of us together. I’ve made so many friends with you guys on twitter, facebook, and on here and I’m super thankful that you guys have given me a chance and stuck by me.

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