Foo Fighters Rock Our Faces Off With New Song “Dirty Water” In Paris

I’m jealous, Paris. One of the hottest rock bands in the world is currently the most talked about thing in the world of music right now after debuting a new song titled “Dirty Water” at a concert they had in Paris on Monday. The song starts off slow and picks up later on. It was hard to hear the lyrics but the passion and emotion was real. It’s already a hit and all we have is a crappy quality youtube recording to listen to. Should we expect anything less from the legends known as Foo Fighters?

It’s a safe bet to say these guys are future rock n roll hall of famers. They not only define rock music but music as a whole. They understand the business. They understand the passion. They take what they do seriously and people all over the world look up to them. Listeners and musicians alike. Recently Dave Grohl dedicated the song “Everlong” to a woman named Laura Plane who died from cancer. Laura was a massive Foo Fighters fan. After her death, Laura’s husband Jon led a social media campaign to get Dave to mention her. He said “Everlong” was his and Laura’s song at their wedding for their first dance. He also played it when Laura passed away. They wanted to see Foo Fighters before Laura got too sick to go and when she died Jon knew he had to still get Laura to that concert, even if it was in spirit only. Jon had no idea Dave was going to do it until the concert happened. Dave had sent Jon a note giving his¬†condolences but Jon didn’t think it would go past that and he was fine with that.

The reception to “Dirty Water” has been overwhelmingly positive. This sets the tone for their upcoming album and I feel like it will be nothing short of spectacular.


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