Shayna Leigh Releases New Single “Dealbreaker” And Why You Should Listen To Her

Here is a lady that I first discovered only a short time ago with her song Jerry Seinfeld and while I thought the song was fun, hilarious, and catchy…I didn’t take the time to really understand who Shayna was or what she was about. I listen to tons of songs everyday to prepare for my articles so even though I discover new people I don’t always have time to truly dive deeper into who they are.

Nonetheless, I knew from the beginning Shayna was a good kid with a good heart. We’ve tweeted each other a handful of times and the interaction is always pleasant. I only follow people on Twitter who interest me the most so I knew she was something special. She recently released her music video for “Dealbreaker” and I made sure to watch as soon as I had the opportunity and I was blown away.

Dealbreaker opened my eyes to what Shayna is about. Her acting background and theatrics are what make her videos fun to watch. She’s always done it, I just haven’t paid attention to the details. On a recent blog I talked about another musician who I love but she made a video that honestly didn’t need to be made. Sometimes musicians just want a video for the sake of having one. Shayna understands the purpose of what a video is supposed to do and she nails that. Fun, entertaining, engaging, telling a story. “Dealbreaker” perfectly matched the video.

Let’s talk about Shayna’s vocals and lyrics. Incredibly powerful voice that has a range which can sing many different styles of music if she chooses to. It gives her an edge to try new and different things to avoid all songs sounding similar. Her lyrics are creative and original. She has all the tools in the world to keep her momentum going and I wish her all the best. Here is her music video for “Dealbreaker” so you can check it out!

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