Hottest Canadian Musicians (In Our Opinion)

What a better way to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday than to make a list on our favorite canadian musicians and why you should check them out. Get your maple syrup and bacon ready because you’re about to thank me for giving you some awesome musicians to listen to.

Sumo Cyco – Ever since I was a kid I remember seeing Skye Sweetnam’s video for Billy S. That was the first time I discovered her pop/punk style and I never looked back. Which is slightly weird because we are around the same age so to watch her grow along with me has been weird but awesome that I’ve stuck by her all this time. She decided to stop going solo a few years ago and started a band called Sumo Cyco. They are a metal band which is very different from Skye’s pop style as a solo artist.

They are one of the most creative and hard working bands in the scene. They do EVERYTHING themselves. From creating sets for videos to creating their own clothing. Every little detail that goes into their music and ideas is all them. Their high energy during shows makes people invested in who they are. I have no idea how they have time to sleep but the work ethic they provide goes a long way. They tour the world with the biggest musicians in the business and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

Ashley Crnic – This one comes directly from me (Daniel). Many years ago I went to a Canada Day concert in Ottawa, Ontario and Ashley was one of the musicians. She is a country singer who plays her acoustic guitar. She has stopped making music because of life getting in the way but she has one of the most amazing and powerful voices I’ve heard from any country musician in a long time. Ashley is definitely one of the most underrated talents out there. Hopefully she makes more music in the future but in the meantime I recommend checking out her songs.

Age Of Days – These guys bring back that old school rock n roll vibe that’s becoming a lost art. I’ve followed these guys since their debut album and their currently working on a new album. It might even be done at this point and we’re just waiting for a release date but they haven’t tweeted anything since may so we’ll have to see. Check out one of their songs here

Avril Lavigne – I refuse to write a list of the hottest Canadian musicians and not put Avril Lavigne on it. My biggest inspiration in the music industry. She has done it all and achieved success far beyond anything I will ever have. What I like the most about her is how humble she is and how much respect she has for the business. People always point out some of the….crazy? Things she’s done in the past but we all do stupid shit when we’re younger. She’s grown and matured into a fine lady. She’s being herself and at the end of the day if you’re not being yourself and having fun then why are you in the music business? She’s a shy person and sometimes people mistake that for being a jerk. I’ve had the same happen to me. I used to be an actor and people think because you’re used to being in front of an audience you’re outgoing. That’s not at all true. We fight our stay-at-home mentality to do what we love.

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