Love Zombies Make Rock Music Fun

Here is a band that , in my opinion, is one of the hottest rock bands that I’ve discovered in awhile. Yes, they are female fronted but I don’t like to throw that term around because the focus of a band should not be whether there is a female in the band or not. A rock band is a rock band and we should just appreciate the music.

Hollis (the lead singer) reminds me a lot of Blondie and you can definitely tell they’re inspired by older rock musicians and styles. After listening to their latest album Passionfruit I just felt happier. The songs on that album are all just a ton of fun to listen to. It’s not often I say you have to hear it for yourself to understand but in this case it’s true. They’re just upbeat/silly/creative songs. The last time I sang out loud to a song about spiders I was 5 years old singing itsy bitsy spider. I also appreciated that all the songs were around 3 minutes. I normally cringe when songs are 4 minutes and over unless they have a lot of instrumentals in between vocals because most times 80% of the song are choruses and it makes for a long 4 minutes.

One of the things I especially like about this band are the lyrics. Creative. Original. MEANINGFUL. My biggest complaint about most musicians is their lack of creativity when it comes to lyrics. Have fun. Think outside the box. Some musicians can pull of a few words of uncreative lyrics but only when they know how to make it catchy with instrumentals. Not all musicians are capable of that though.

The high intense energy from Love Zombies is something that really embodies rock n roll. I was watching their video for the song “Birthday” and if everything I’ve heard about them is true that is basically the same energy they bring to every live show and that’s awesome. I always say it doesn’t matter how tired/sick/sore you are, if people are paying to see you fake it til you make it. All it takes is 20 minutes (or however long you’re on stage) and then you can go to the back and cool off. If you’re tired when the fans meet you personally they’ll understand. If you play tired during your whole performance you come across as not caring about what you’re doing. You don’t have to run around but at least make it seem like you want to be there.

Glad to see these guys just doing what they love and having fun. I look forward to seeing what they do next

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