Why Everyone Is Talking About Madison Beer’s New Single ‘Dead’

This morning I had no idea who or what Madison Beer was. I thought it was a brand of beer when I saw her trending worldwide. Anybody who has followed us for 2 months knows that we don’t like to write about musicians because of their popularity and because it will get us views. Mostly we stick to the indie artists not many people know. We write about musicians who work hard and have a passion for music.

Here is a young kid, who just turned 18, and her latest song ‘dead’ has over 10,000,000 listens. I can’t even count that high. The thing that separates me from every other news website is I don’t google things. Everybody is the same. They look up a musicians credentials and give nothing but facts about what the musician has done. I don’t do that. I’m not a robot. I speak from the heart and I tell it like it is.

I’ve seen an interview with Madison because I was interested in who she was. When it was over I had an overwhelming sense of this kid having a bubbly personality and she seems like a nice kid who has her head on straight and has goals for herself. Overall, she has her life pretty together at such a young age and for someone that young to be thrust into the spotlight it’s not always an easy thing to deal with.

Her new song ‘Dead’ is breathtaking. A voice that is really beyond her years. You can tell she takes what she does seriously and has perfected her craft as much as she can. Obviously, you are always learning new things everyday as a musician but Madison is clearly doing well for herself and I’m impressed.

My advice to Madison is to never stop working hard. Never forget what your goals are. Never forget the passion for music. Never forget about the respect a musician must always have for the business. The sky is the limit but never take anything for granted. I wish you the best.

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