Kate Todd Continues Her Country Sound With New EP ‘One’

Kate Todd is someone who I’ve watched since I was a kid. We’re around the same age so it’s been kinda weird but awesome seeing her grow and following her career every step of the way for over 10 years. She has done it all. Movies, tv shows, voice acting in video games. Her main love seems to be music. Today, we are here to talk about her latest EP and as always I will be 100% honest in my review.

Back in 2012 Kate released her debut album “Finding My Way”. I remember back when she was simply talking about the idea of that album. I followed Kate’s career long enough to remember her old rock/pop style so when she released that album I was caught by surprise that it was country. However, I really loved it. That was around the time where I started to appreciate more than just metal/rock music. But, one thing I noticed in that album is even though it was mainly country it was overlayed by a ton of pop/rock elements and I really don’t think that was done on purpose. The album itself was great but it felt to me that she wasn’t sure what kind of sound she wanted. This is honestly normal for debut albums. Sometimes it takes 4 or 5 albums for a band/musician to find their sound.

In 2015 Kate Released her album “Anywhere With You” and the first time I listened to it all the way through I knew she had finally found her country sound. The sound she wanted. So, with this new EP in 2017 I had hoped Kate would continue on that path and keep that momentum going. The first track is “Happy” and this is a song that I like to call a radio friendly song. It’s a feel good upbeat song that I could see being played on the radio and I think a video of this song would be a lot of fun to watch and visually appealing and uplifting. Kate decided to make a video for “You’re Gonna Find Out” and I honestly don’t think that type of song needed a video.

Overall this EP was fun to listen to and Kate brings her own style of country that I appreciate. She’s not trying to be anyone else and is making her own voice known in the world of country music. I look forward to following her career for many more years.

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