Radiohead Tuning Article Is Fake

Anybody who follows this website knows that I’m one of the few news websites who speaks the truth and doesn’t bullshit his viewers. Right now the article (shown in the thumbnail) of Radiohead fans apparently applauding guitar tuning, mistaking it for a new song, is making its way everywhere on social media. This story is 100% fake. I understand how sometimes it’s easy to believe things on social media. I’m not afraid to admit I’ve fallen victim to this a few times myself. And I’m usually pretty smart at figuring out what is bullshit.

I have to admit this story would have been extremely funny if it actually happened. Part of me was hoping it was real. The best part is the people who start these fake stories do it on purpose to show how easily people believe these things. Over a decade later and people are still convinced Avril Lavigne died and a fake actor took her place and is still pretending to be Avril Lavigne. Please, always check your sources and facts when you read these stories on social media. If they’re not from a credible source that you trust chances are it’s not real.

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