Halocene Getting Ready To Release New Album

I’m surprised it took me so long to write about this band. I’ve been a fan of them for roughly 6-7 years. The first thing I noticed when I first discovered them is how they always look like they’re having fun. When I think about it, Halocene was actually the first indie band that I discovered and ever since then I’ve made it a mission to discover more indie artists who didn’t have songs playing on the radio every 10 minutes that made me hate my life.

Halocene is a band that does a lot of cover songs on their youtube channel. They’re mainly pop/rock but can dive into other styles if they choose to. My personal favorites are their “Cool For The Summer” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” covers.

They recently did a livestream where they answered questions from the fans as well as play songs (I’m not entirely sure if they ever finished any of them :P) but it was a fun time seeing them take song requests and attempting to play those songs. It was more like a group of friends hanging out. For someone like me who normally can’t sit through long livestreams it was a blast the entire 2 hours. It was fun because they were having fun. Those are the musicians that I appreciate.

More importantly, Halocene talked about a new album they are releasing soon. Untitled yet but they’ve been working on 3 songs and said the album will be a minimum of 6 songs. They want it to be completely different from what they’ve done before. Having conquered the rock sound they wanted with the last album they want to go in a different direction. Most likely more of a pop sound, Brad mentioned.

I know Halocene wants to go back on tour and has big plans for the future of the band but I think the biggest goal they want to achieve is when people search their names on social media it will stop asking us if we mean holocene. NO. THEY AAAAAARE HALOCENE. I’m sorry, I won’t do that anymore.

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