Kesha New Song “Woman” Is Leaked

Allow me to start off by saying I have respect for the music business and will not show the song here because it is not ready to be released.

As many of you know, Kesha has been through a long legal battle with Dr. Luke. Claiming he raped her. Then taking it back. Then saying he forced her to take back her statements in order to give her freedom. It’s anybody’s guess as to what really happened. It’s all he said/she said at this point. Part of me wants to believe Kesha because we have to take rape allegations seriously until proven otherwise. The other part of me wonders why she denied it under oath. If Dr. Luke did tell her to deny it why would she listen and trust him after what he did to her (if he did it). Could she really be that out of the loop? It’s possible, I guess.

I don’t know Kesha personally. She seems like a sweet kid. I don’t wanna believe she would lie about something as serious as rape just to get out of her contract. That would be unforgiveable. If it really did happen and she’s forced to be in that contract and she’s being tied down to it then I feel really bad for her. Music is supposed to be fun. A lot of these labels suck the fun out of these musicians. It does happen.

People are calling this Kesha’s big comeback. She has reportedly recorded more than 70 songs to be released soon. One of those songs called “Woman” was leaked and I only heard a few seconds of it via twitter but it sounded pretty good and it was a fun/catchy song. A lot of people seemed to have not enjoyed it. But I’ve come to realize people don’t like fun these days. They wanna suck the fun out of everything. I’ll compare this to Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” song. I loved that song but people all over hated it and said it was racist to japanese culture. It was not at all racist. It was about appreciating that culture. That’s like if I wore a necklace of a Jesus cross and someone comes up to me and says “oh, you’re christian?” no I’m not religious. I just appreciate that religion. “oh, that’s discrimination! You’re making fun of Christians and Catholics!”. No, I’m not. At all!

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