Crystal Ignite Getting Ready For EP Release

For the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to Bellusira. They seemingly disappeared off the planet a few years ago. I decided to do some digging on the interwebs and fount out Crystal is going solo. She has one of the most powerful and unique voices in the rock scene and it would be a shame if she was done with music.

Recently having released her debut single “Everything You Break”, which does an incredible job of showing her powerful vocals singing a slower rock ballad, Crystal has been working on a new EP and it’s unclear at this time if it is finished but I have not found word on this yet so I’ll assume it’s still a work in progress. Fun fact: Everything You Break has Ben Moody from Evanescence playing guitar. That’s pretty cool, AM-I-RITE!?

I remember when I first discovered Crystal (in Bellusira at the time) I just remember thinking “this girl has such an amazing voice and she LOOKS like she wants to be on stage. She just loves to sing”. It almost reminded of people who sing and dance in front of the bathroom mirror. No care in the world. Go crazy. It felt like she had that kind of mentality. She was singing like she was home alone in front of the mirror. Don’t be afraid to have fun. A lot of times the pressure of the industry drops a ton of weight on your shoulders and it’s hard to stay positive. Crystal always 100% looked like there was no place she would rather be.

Crystal is still very much actively touring right now and has a date on Friday at the loft in Warnambool. I wish I lived anywhere near that so I could check out her show and hopefully meet her. She seems like one of the most genuine people out there. The music industry could always use more people like that.

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