90’s Retro Bands: Where Are They Now?

I grew up in the 90’s with all the weird music but also a lot of awesome music. Sometimes I still wonder what happened to some of these musicians so I decided to find out for myself and to get you guys to remember some of these artists who made pretty awesome music.

S CLUB 7 – Here is a band that was pretty damn popular in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.  They had hits like “S Club Party”, “Bring It All Back”, and “Two In A Million”. Whatever happened to them? They went their separate ways in 2005 and some of them had solo careers for awhile but never found the success they once had. In 2008 O’Meara, Mcintosh, and Cattermole started performing live shows as “S Club 3”. Where O’meara had a bottle thrown at her head because of a racist comment she made on Big Brother. Slowly overtime the original band came back together and now in 2017 it’s just Jo, Bradley, and Tina touring as S Club 3 and S Club Party

Aqua – Who can forget “Barbie Girl”? It was played over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And…you get the point. Whatever happened to them!? Around 2000/2001 they broke up after having quite a few popular hits. They were labelled as one hit wonders because most people only knew Barbie Girl. In 2008 they reunited to do multiple concerts and released a new album in 2011. They broke up shortly after. In 2016 they reunited again to do a special 90’s tour and Clause left the band.

Hanson – Everybody remembers “MMM Bop” but that’s about it. Hanson is the only group on this list that actually never broke up! They’ve been making music all this time. After the success of their first album they decided to leave their label because of problems the label was creating for them. They decided to create their own label. As ofm 2017 they are about to release a Christmas album.

I’m sure there are a ton more 90’s bands you guys can think but I gotta go get my supper out of the oven.

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