Anthony Padilla Leaves Smosh

I’m assuming that most of you reading this particular article are new to my website. I want you to know that even though this is strictly a music news website I really wanted to talk about the recent news that Anthony Padilla left Smosh because it relates to my personal story and why I started this website.

The reason Anthony left Smosh is because for many years he wasn’t having the same fun that he once had. After handing over Smosh to a company it became more of a production than something that was done for fun. He was forcing himself for years to hold on to the fun he had when he first started Smosh.

A long time ago the same thing happened to me. I was never as popular as Smosh but I had a podcast and youtube show that was pretty popular and it got to a point where it stopped being fun because I was working with a company that told me what to do and what to think. It stopped being fun and started being a chore. I had no time for friends or family. I had to skip christmases and thanksgivings and birthdays to meet deadlines for things I didn’t even really care about. I went through really bad depression and I just hated even waking up every day. It was no longer the brand that I started. It became a company’s vision. The money was worthless to me.

I decided that the only thing left to do was to delete EVERYTHING. My youtube, my podcast, my website. I even deleted all of my personal accounts which had my personal friends. I wanted to start fresh. I decided to change my name on social media. I created new accounts for everything. I created THIS website in hopes that I can do something I love to do and I don’t want to do it anybody else’s way.

I was heartbroken and tearing up during Anthony’s video. Because I went through the same thing and I know how it feels to lose your freedom. Especially when it’s something that is really close to your heart. It’s so tough to give that up but Anthony’s decision was the same one I made and it was the right choice to walk away. Happiness is so much more important than money and fame.

I hope you guys who are fans of Smosh/Anthony will understand his decision and stick with him. He’s a good guy who had a ton of weight on his shoulders everyday. He’s finally free of that and is able to just be himself. We should all support that

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