Sydney Lauren Calls For Unity In Her Song “Save Us”

In 2016, a security officer (who I will not even name) killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist hate crime attack in a gay nightclub called Pulse. It’s incredibly sad hearing these kinds of things are happening around the world. As someone who has always been a very vocal supporter of LGBT rights, this story hits me right in the heart. It is in times like these where we need to find strength against the hate and stand together and not let these terrorists win. They want us to live in fear. They want to control us. But we will prove that they can never break us no matter how hard they try. We will never become something that we refuse to be. We will be proud of who we are and not live in fear.

Sydney Lauren is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice who recently released a video of her single “Save Us” which talks about this specific terrorist attack in hopes to achieve the same goals that I have. Unity, peace, strength against hate. The lyrics are well thought out, creative, and inspirational. The best songs to me are songs that make you think and feel. That send a powerful message. This song does that very well and it’s clear that she put a lot of thought into what she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it. That’s often the hardest part of creating a song.

There’s one thing I look for immediately when discovering new musicians. Their fanbase. Why? Because I’ve noticed that a lot of times when musicians are controversial and not so nice their fanbase tends to be the same. They support bad attitude because they idolize bad attitude. Anytime I come across a musician (or even a youtuber) that are just doing what they love and they have respect for others their fanbase are the most amazing, nicest, and fun people to talk to on social media because they’re all just there to support the people who they love and admire. It’s one thing I’ve noticed over the many years I’ve used the internet. Sydney’s Facebook was filled with just people showing their love for her. No hate comments. No anger. No threats. That to me already shows me that they give back the love that Sydney gives them. That’s the true power of music.

Check out Sydney’s song “Save Us” here

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