Icon For Hire Heads Back Home To Decatur, IL For Concert

Often times I write about musicians I don’t know that well so that I can stay up to date on the latest bands that are doing something important in that moment. I enjoy discovering new musicians but it’s always nice to come back to a band that holds a special place in my heart. Icon For Hire have been one of my biggest inspirations in the music world. Ariel has been the main reason I started a youtube channel back in the day. She is the reason I started thinking more postitive because of her REL show. She’s the reason I realized hard work gets rewarded.

Obviously I haven’t forgotten about Shawn. He’s a creative force and a work horse. He’s pretty much always thinking of ideas constantly. So is Ariel but I feel like Shawn doesn’t get enough credit since he’s not the lead singer and naturally most of the focus is always on a lead singer.

Yesterday, Icon For Hire headed back to their hometown for a concert and people all over were talking about it. Here are some of the pictures that people took. The one on the right is actually from Icon For Hire’s account and I almost didn’t even recognize Shawn but that smile gave it away!

They have proven that you don’t need a record label to be successful. Tooth & Nail tried to rob them of everything and unfortunately that’s a sad reality that a lot of musicians have to deal with in the industry. There are a lot of politics and just unprofessional behavior in these labels that make these musicians stop enjoying what they used to. People still believe that you need a record label to make it big but that’s not really true anymore. The only thing these labels can provide is more exposure. That’s it. A lot of bands buy into that though. They’ll do whatever it takes to get their name out there. But at what cost? Your life? Your happiness?

I’m not gonna name names because I’m not that guy but there’s one band in particular that I’ve watched sell out. I don’t like to use that phrase because people throw it around all the time. “linkin park sold out” is a common one. But I used to follow a band and I used to be acquaintances with a band (who I had on a podcast I used to do) that were always about being themselves and always followed their fans back on social media. Then they were signed to a label and they became unrecognizable to me. Their sound changed. Their outfits changed. They unfollowed all their fans that they swore they’d never unfollow. It broke my heart. I know it’s the label who makes them do all these things but that’s my point. Know what you’re getting into before you sign to a label. You may not have chosen to go back on your word and change everything you were but, in the end, it’s exactly what you did.

Icon For Hire is a story of success to me. You don’t have to have all the fame and money in the world to truly be happy

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