Body Count Are Music Veterans

I’ve only discovered this band recently and I want to punch myself for not knowing about them years ago. I’ve always been a fan of rap mixed with rock/metal. Body Count is a band fronted by Ice-T and I’ve went back and listened to all their stuff because they do rap metal better than any other band out there. When watching their live performances I noticed that these guys go hardcore. A bunch of 50 year old guys that are harder than the young kids in their prime. It’s more than just being hardcore though. Body Count are veterans and you can see it in their performance and every song they sing.

Not only are a lot of their lyrics telling the hard truth about life and gives us something to truly think about but they know what people want. They understand the industry. They know how to hook people in and get them to feel something. They have veteran talent that can’t be taught. They have technique in everything they do. It’s not just them memorizing lyrics and singing or just going out and playing instruments. Body Count brings more than that. That’s why they’re better than most of the younger kids in the industry. Experience goes a long way. There is no wasted moment with Body Count. They know the ins and outs of the business.

Their latest album Bloodlust is by far their best album and that’s saying a lot because I like all of their stuff but I feel like it does a good job at telling real stories about problems that are in the world right now that we need to focus on. For example, in the beginning of “no lives matter” he talks about when black people say how black lives matter you have the uneducated people who say “all lives matter”. Ice T says “you’re diluting the issue. It’s not about all lives matter. When I say black lives matter or if someone says gay lives matter we’re talking about the issue going on within that group of people”. And my favorite song “Black Hoodie” does a great job at telling the real story of police brutality against black people for just walking down the street minding their own business. All because of the way they are dressed.

If you haven’t heard Body Count I highly recommend checking them out. Also, Ice T is the baddest motherfucker on the planet!

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