Disciple ‘Long Live The Rebels’ Album Review

Disciple is a Christian rock band that holds a special place in my heart. They have been my favorite band of all time for about 15 years. And I know A LOT of bands so that says a lot. I’ve met them. I’ve went to their concerts. Kevin hugged me. They gave me signed merch. What I like most about them are both their inspirational lyrics that have helped me through hard times but also the fact that they’re always trying something different. None of their albums sound the same. They do a good job at keeping fresh. For a band that’s been around over 20 years that’s not always easy to do so it’s much appreciated.

what makes this album different from every other Disciple album is it feels much more mainstream than their older stuff. While they’ve had a handful of songs on each album that sounded mainstream it’s never been more present than Long Live The Rebels. This could be because they signed with Tooth & Nail for this record. A label that is dedicated to Christian music. I have personal problems with Tooth & Nail for what they did to the band Icon For Hire, who are one of my favorite bands, but that’s a story for another day.

Long Live The Rebels was number 6 on the US Christian albums billboard. It does a good job at keeping the Disciple sound while exploring new things. The lyrics do a good job at spreading the word of God and that has always been Disciple’s strong point. They take quotes from the bible and use them in their songs. There is a good mix of heavy hitting songs like “Underdog Fight Song” and the slower songs like “Empty Grave”.

Personally, I think the song placement could have been better. People don’t often realize how important song placement on an album is. It would have made more sense to put “Long Live The Rebels” first because it’s hard hitting so it will get people pumped for the album but also it’s the anthem song for everything this album represents. Let your audience know what they’re in store for and what this album means. Albums are like story books. When some chapters are jumbled in different places the flow is off. I would have put the first track “First Love” at the end because it’s a great closing song. It’s slow and powerful but not too slow to where it leaves a weird feeling at the end of a hard rock album. And I would have put the last track “Empty Grave” somewhere in the middle.

I highly recommend picking up this album if you’ve never given Disciple a chance. If you love rock music and inspiration lyrics look no further. This is a really well done album and I look forward to the next!

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