Jerry Seinfeld Totally Owns Kesha

I love both of these people but I kinda felt bad for Kesha after this. It’s no secret Jerry Seinfeld really doesn’t like hugs and he also is picky about the women he dates so this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to many people. I’m not sure whether to laugh because he was slightly joking or be sad for Kesha cause he totally owned her.

While Jerry Seinfeld was doing an interview, Kesha randomly came up to him and asked for a hug and Jerry repeatedly said no and shoved himself to the side and put his hand up to show her he really didn’t want a hug. Part of me understood why he did it. If it was a random fan coming up to him begging for a hug I’m pretty sure he’d have security all over it. No fan should do this to their favorite people. No matter how much you like or respect them. It’s courtesy. So, should Kesha get special treatment because she’s Kesha? Porbably not. In those regards I agree with Jerry’s decision. On the other hand, Kesha didn’t mean to be rude. She clearly just really likes him and she’s a hugger.

Jerry had no idea it was Kesha. He probably thought it was just some crazy person. This is nothing more than a clash of different personalities. It doesn’t mean one person is right or wrong. I can understand both sides of the argument. How do you feel about this story? Do you agree with Jerry or Kesha?

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