One Love Manchester Concert Was Inspiring

This concert was the perfect example of how music can change lives. Make us stronger. Give us hope. It’s how I’ve felt about music since I could walk or talk. It’s why I created this website. So I can show the world how beautiful and powerful music is. Those feelings have never been more true than as of this moment. They have raised about $3 million dollars in just 3 hours for the emergency fund. Which you can still donate right now by texting REDCROSS to 45678. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy with work to watch the whole concert or keep on the details but I believe the funds went towards the funeral cost for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack. I remember Ariana Grande tweeting that she wanted to do that.

The few parts of the concert I did watch made me cry and smile all at once. It was sad to re-live the tragic events of what happens. But seeing all those people sing along with Ariana and Coldplay and Miley Cyrus was so amazing to watch. People united and stood together as one for hope. For peace. For closure. During Coldplay’s performance I saw the cop who was dancing with those people and I’m not afraid to admit I teared up a little. Even right now writing this blog. The applause that all those people gave to the people who were injured in the attack was a great show of respect. No matter how different we all are we’re all still human. We all have hearts. We all breathe. Nobody deserves for that to happen to them.

It must have been incredibly hard for those musicians to continue performing while trying to hold back their tears. There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole concert. It was bittersweet but in the end, as a musician, you realize this concert was about hope and being strong in the face of darkness. Not backing down and being afraid. Standing united with our brothers and sisters of the world. They did the best they could at trying to keep a smile on and reminding themselves what the purpose of this concert was. Incredibly tough to keep it together but they were strong and brave. Everything we needed.

And for the people saying “Ariana Grande is an awful person. She hates Americans” and “Justin Bieber is the biggest bully in the world and shouldn’t be there” obviously don’t understand the point of this concert. It has nothing to do with who they are or what they’ve done. This is about what they did tonight. Ariana didn’t have to go through all this. She could have sent out a tweet about the attack and just moved on. But she didn’t. She wanted to help those who were affected by it. That is amazing. Her performances tonight showed me that this tragic event hit her right in the heart. Same with Bieber. He was trying to hold back those tears during his song. It meant something to him. That is what made this concert special

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