Happy 15th Anniversary Of Avril Lavigne’s First Album ‘Let Go’

This is a special month for the lovely Avril Lavigne and all of her fans. It is the 15th anniversary of her first album Let Go. As of 2013 the record has sold over 20 million copies making it still Avril’s biggest album to this day. This is where it all started for her and we got to witness all the awesome hits like Complicated, Losing Grip, Sk8er Boi, and I’m With You. Which are still very popular to this day. It honestly makes me a little sad that people have not given her new stuff a chance. She’s still kicking ass and making great music. I feel like I’m the only person in the entire world who loves the fuck out of Hello Kitty. It was universally hated on. It’s such a fun song and ridiculous (in a good way).

If you think about it this album opened the door for pop punk music to go into mainstream. Avril changed the business in a beautiful way through this record. As far as I know there aren’t any plans for a special re-release or anything. I know what you guys are thinking. “They just re-relased it a few years ago!” keep in mind that is the label’s idea to do that and Avril has no say in the matter so it’s not her “being a money grabber”.

While Let Go was financially a success and defined her career. If you really listen to that record compared to her new stuff you can see she has grown and learned so much more since those days. She is now a polished veteran in the music industry. She was a young kid who, while extremely talented, couldn’t keep up with peoples expectations of her because she wasn’t ready to be in that position. I think that’s why a lot of people got out of listening to her. It has nothing to do with her not being talented. It’s more of an unfortunate circumstance of people saying “this is the best music I’ve ever heard!” and then as Avril Lavigne made more songs that were more polished and sounded different because of it…people were saying “oh…well this is different. I like her older stuff better”.

Avril Lavigne still has millions of fans all over the world. I’m not at all saying she’s become obscure. But what happened is she skyrocketed so high that there was really nowhere else to go from there. She lost millions of fans but gained new ones. She had to work hard to get those new fans though because when you take your music in a new direction people won’t always accept change. You’re no longer the pop punk princess. You’re just…Avril Lavigne. That’s the problem. People had expectations of what they thought Avril Lavigne was and once you take that away…who is that person? Avril Lavigne had to make a name as Avril Lavigne. She’s done that in incredible fashion and I’m proud of her. Now people can accept her for who she is.

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