Whatever Happened To Picture Me Broken?

This is something i’ve been wondering for awhile. I’m gonna try and play detective so i can crack the case of this missing band. Picture Me Broken was a band that I really enjoyed. Fronted by Brooklyn Allman (daughter of Gregg Allman). They were a rock band that was much different from most bands in today’s rock genre. Brooklyn had the ability to flawlessly sing any style of rock she wanted. For a young kid she had a voice well beyond her years. More importantly she always stayed true to who she was. She looked different, she acted different. She embraced it and didn’t let the industry tell her she had to change her look/sound to sell more records.

So…where the hell did they go? Seemingly vanishing off the planet in 2015 we’re left with the remains of what was. So, I tried to do some digging online to come to my conclusion of what happened. Did they break up? Are they simply on hiatus? Did they quit music completely?

In 2014 the band announced it was on hiatus from touring. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are done as a band. However they stopped using social media completely in 2015 and their website no longer exists. It’s hard to dig up posts and tweets from the past 5 years but I don’t see them mentioning anything about quitting music. I’ve noticed on their Wikipedia page that they were no longer signed to a label after 2013. Wikipedia could easily be wrong but since there’s not much to go on I have to assume this is as close to the truth as we’ll get. Perhaps this was a case of their label burning them out and trying to screw them. Labels have a habit of trying to turn people into something their not but also abusing a lot of bands and robbing them of money.

Now…when bands are signed to a label…a lot of times these labels are 100% in charge of everything the band posts on social media. So at first i thought perhaps they were no longer allowed to use their accounts. But since they continued to post 2 years after getting out of the label this can’t be the case.

The latest video I found is Brooklyn performing a song on stage with Orianthi 8 months ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JolGyaIX0HM so clearly she is still making music without her former band. Brooklyn has remained very active on her personal social media so it’s only Picture Me Broken’s accounts that haven’t been touched in years.

Part of me thinks Brooklyn was possibly getting tired of the style of music Picture Me Broken was putting out. That’s not to say she regrets anything they did but with the voice she has she can sing any genre of music she wants. If you watch that video I posted it’s obviously a blues song. Perhaps that is the type of music Brooklyn wants to try next. Maybe she is trying to outgrow the rock genre and expand herself. Maybe this was simply a one time thing and I’m thinking too much of it. We can speculate all day on what really happened to Picture Me Broken but hopefully we can get some new music in the future!

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