Will Puddle Of Mudd Ever Release A New Album?

Puddle Of Mudd is a band that has fallen so far from their glory days of ‘Come Clean’ and it’s not because their music isn’t good. It’s because Wes needs rehab. He’s always going on stage drunk and can barely stand up. He’s lip syncing during concerts. He’s yelling obscene things at the fans that pay to see him. He’s throwing stuff at them and cursing them out. At first it made me angry because I used to love this band. But then I just started feeling sad for Wes. The worst part is I don’t think Wes cares. He’s happy with his “fuck the world” attitude and could care less about the fans who pay to see him.

I’ve had concert promotions come to me and say Puddle Of Mudd was great and I shouldn’t be telling everyone that they’re always bad. Well good for you and your stupid company. You got the rare 2% of the time where Wes was sober. And I’m not just going by what is in the news. I’ve experienced first hand the “fuck you” attitude Wes has when I went to their concert. I can’t stand any musician who doesn’t care about the business and their fans. I could blame it on the alcohol or the drugs ruining him but in all honestly Wes always had that attitude. I had just hoped that he changed. So, I continued to buy their stuff. But the fact is Wes doesn’t want to change.

Putting my personal feelings of the band aside, their music has always been good. Wes is talented. No question. They’ve been working on a new album since 2014 and maybe if Wes wasn’t in jail all the time the album would have been done a lot sooner. It doesn’t look like it will be released anytime soon because there haven’t been any new updates. They’ve been saying “it’s coming soon” for about 3 years now and until I see pictures or videos of them in the studio I’m not gonna believe it until it’s released.

Right now they are in the middle of touring places but nothing, as far as I know, has been said about new music. I’m surprised Wes has been able to find a band willing to tolerate all the insane things he does. His band walked out on him during a concert about a year ago. Not sure if they’re back together or he found new people but I doubt this album will ever see the light of day.

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