Over Atlantic’s New Music Video ‘What Do I Gotta Do?’ Is Beautiful

Here are a bunch of young kids with amazing talent. The lead singer Charlie Jones was a finalist on X-Factor and he’s only 17 with a whole career ahead of him. The song itself is very fun and appropriate for this time of year. It’s one of the songs you can listen to while you put the top down in your car and let the wind blow in your hair while you drive. While the song itself was released awhile back they have indeed made a music video that I will go in depth about and tell you why you should check it out!

The videography is absolutely brilliant. From the beginning overhead shot of them driving in the car to capturing the very essence of what the song is. The entire video is them having a good time which is what it should be. Even when they’re just eating at the table. It never loses its feel good moments. The different locations this video is filmed are all incredibly beautiful to look at. The scene of them on the boat is probably my favorite shot.

The song is about romance and all the wonderful things you can do to get that girl to give you a chance. Especially when you can sing like that and have been on tv and are travelling the world and shooting your own music videos. I don’t buy that this guy has a hard time getting dates but suspension of disbelieve, my friends. The members of the band all met each other online through Skype and now it makes me wonder if I should start calling people on Skype. Maybe I’ll come across a supermodel who wants to date me. I can dream…right?

For legal reasons, I probably can’t show you the music video here but I can send you a link to the video via Radio Disney’s Twitter here https://twitter.com/radiodisney/status/869293541251403776

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