Music Video For ‘Jerry Seinfeld’ Song By Shayna Leigh Is A Hit!

If you’re looking for a fun and feel good song with humor then you’ve come to the right place.  On May 19th Shayna released her new song Jerry Seinfeld. Which pokes fun at relationships. Not only are the lyrics adorable but the video is awesome. It has an upbeat pop/rock tune to it with an entire cast of people playing the roles in the video. It’s very different from a lot of music videos I see. This song is meant to be fun and through the random costume changes and casting changes it’s a delight to watch.

Shayna was a child actor that transitioned into musical theatre where she started singing. Which explains the theatrics of this video. She released her debut album “Drive” in 2015 which was produced and co-written by Multi Platinum & Multi Grammy Award Winning Record Producer Michael Mangini and Emmy Award Winning, Multi-Platinum Songwriter and Producer Peter Zizzo.

She explained the idea behind this song in her blog. ” Jerry Seinfeld was apparently very picky about the women he dated. I learned this when my producers, Peter and Mike, started calling me Jerry Seinfeld.” She went on to say “I had gone on a lot of first dates, and I just wasn’t feeling any of them.” “And so, I was dubbed Jerry Seinfeld.”

“After about the third or fourth or fifth time one of them said it, I needed to set the record straight. ‘I’M NOT JERRY SEINFELD!’ I exclaimed! And then… we all stopped… because there was the song.”

Check out the song here and follow Shayna on Social Media


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