Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Explosion Update

the other day I posted about an hour after the news broke out. At the time I didn’t have many details but I wanted to give an update and more personal thoughts on the situation. At this time 22 deaths and 50 were injured in the terrorist attack. You guys already know my personal thoughs. It’s incredibly sad and my biggest problem is the lack of security. Since the explosion people were posting on Twitter that their loved ones still haven’t been found or heard from since the attack. I’ve been retweeting like crazy trying to help out as much as I could from all the way here in Canada.

The people who make me sick are those have made a joke of this whole situation and if I want this blog to be about anything it’s me going on a rant that, once upon a time, I was known for. I used to be a Youtuber known for a loud mouth and not being afraid to speak up. I’ve been an advocate for mental health, gender equality, womens rights for as long as I can remember. I like to think I’m a nice guy but I’ve never had a problem telling people to go fuck themselves. This is my blog and I can do as I please because I don’t have a company telling me to be politically correct and lay off on the rants.

People who were faking profiles pretending they had loved ones missing should be ashamed of themselves. I had one idiot on my facebook fan page say to me “where are you getting these sources” As if to imply that at the time of my last blog I was making it up. Out of my ENTIRE blog where I sent out my thoughts to everyone and prayed for those who died the ONLY thing this person wanted to tell me was not “this is a sad story” or “thank you for helping retweet families looking for their missing kids”. Their first thought was to call me a liar for making up my entire blog. If you wanna see me pissed off then you’ve done your job. If I ever had someone tell me to my face that they thought this story was a joke I swear my anger management classes will have stopped working. Terrorism and murder is not funny. And the fact that you try and make light of my blog and everything I stand for makes me sick. I’ve never been a liar. That’s why people like me and that’s why others hate me with their life. Being truthful doesn’t mean I go around treating people like garbage but if someone disrespects me I’ll never be afraid to tell you to go fuck yourself.

Concerts are supposed to be a happy place. This was a terrorist targeting children. I take this very seriously and it was incredibly heartbreaking seeing all those videos of it and seeing videos of people having a good time before the attack. It was heartbreaking knowing people died and others were injured. You can tell me you don’t like my content. You can tell me you don’t like my lack of proper punctuation and grammar. But if you ever tell me I am lying about a story like this I will not hesitate to block you

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