Multiple People Dead After Explosion At Ariana Grande Concert

This is something that broke my heart, not even an hour ago. I was reading tweets after tweets and at first I wasn’t sure if it was another one of those fake stories but after going to real sources I unfortunately had to find out this is a very real story. First of all, my heart goes out to everybody in Manchester who was affected by this. Especially those who have had their lives taken away on a day where they just wanted to go out and have a good time. I know you guys can’t see me writing this but I am honestly trying to hold back tears right now.

It’s a sad reality that we can never truly feel safe anywhere in this world. People are getting shot and killed at movie theatres, parks, sports events, concerts. For anyone to decide to do something like this and kill innocent people…they must have lived an incredibly sad life to have their minds so warped that they believe this is the right thing to do. At this point in time I’m not even sure if Ariana knows about this. I’m assuming her concert got stopped during performance because obviously if there is a major threat security would inform her. But I’m not entirely sure if it was in the building or outside the building. More details will be revealed tomorrow or later today.

Even for those who were uninjured their lives will be changed for a long time after this. How could you want to go out to a concert again after something like this? I know I’d be scared to go to another concert if I was in the middle of a bomb explosion. What pisses me off more than anything is where the hell was security!? How the fuck did they not notice a bomb!? And I can swear because this is my blog and I don’t work for a company to tell me I need to be politically correct! Every concert (at least every one I’ve ever been to) searches every inch of your body to make sure you have nothing on you. I have no idea what happened at this point in time but once again my heart goes out to everybody affected and I will keep those who have had their lives taken today in my thoughts and prayers

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