Drake Wins Everything! BBMAs 2017 Review!

I can sum up the BBMAs in one short sentence. Drake wins. Goodnight everybody, that’s our blog for today! Just kidding. I had the time of my life watching the BBMAs. Celine Dion killed it with ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and I felt like a little kid again. 20 years later and her voice hasn’t aged at all! Let’s talk about Queen Cher and her naked….I mean, her awesome outfit! She sang ‘Believe’ and it was an incredible performance at 71 years of age! Cher will live on forever because she is not human. Although I felt a little weird that I couldn’t stop looking at her chest area. But it’s kinda hard to not notice it.

So many musicians wore incredible outfits. As always when it comes to these events. I’m not opposed to people going all out crazy and wearing the most ridiculous clothes, or lackthereof (I’m looking at you Cher). I have no idea what Dencia was wearing. At first glance I thought it was a cheetah. Or a transformer. I wasn’t sure whether to admire the creativity or be scared that she was gonna reach through my TV screen and eat me. My personal favorite outfit was Miss America Savvy Shields red dress. It wasn’t the most creative one but it was absolutely stunning. I’m a sucker for red so it’s probably my biased.

I’m not gonna name all of the awards and winners because I’m honestly too lazy and I haven’t had my cup of coffee yet this morning. But the main thing you need to know is Drake won everything. EVERYTHING. He set a record for most wins in a single year. Love him or hate him people love him and he’s a talented guy with a unique mind for the business. I can respect that. He won Top Male Artist, top Billboard 200 album, top billboard 200 artist, top artist, top hot 100, top song sales, top streaming songs, top rap artist, top rap tour, top rap album, top streaming song audio (for “One Dance”), top R&B song (for “One Dance”), Top R&B Collaboration (for “One Dance”). ARE YOU GUYS STILL WITH ME!?

The show opened with an Amazing performance by Nikki Minaj. Miley Cyrus performed her new single ‘Malibu’ which is one hell of a song that has a very mature sound for a young kid like Miley. Overall, it was a great show. The hosting could have been better. The chemistry was off but it happens so it’s nobodys fault in particular. What did you guys like/hate most about this years BBMAs? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more updates on the latest news in the music industry!

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