Papa Roach New Album Crooked Teeth Review

Today is the official release date of Papa Roach’s new album Crooked Teeth and after listening to it on Spotify I can confidently say this is their best album to date! The hardest thing for a band to do when they’ve been around a long time is to stay fresh and keep surprising people. Papa Roach continues to do that with every album. No matter how many times I hear Jacoby’s voice I get goosebumps every time. He just has that voice that makes you feel the words he sings.

My first thought listening to this album is it’s a lot more rapcore than I remember them ever being. I don’t know all of their stuff but I do have a few of their albums and while they have dabbled in rap with a few songs here and there it’s never been more present than on this album. To me this album felt like Limp Bizkit meets Linkin Park with the style in which this album was presented. It was different. It was gutsy. I loved it.

The album still managed to have a bit of many different styles and not just only be rap based. “Periscope” being the ballad that Papa Roach has been known for. “Help” was incredibly reminiscent of their older style which was nice to see. My personal favorite song on the album was “Nothing” because there were so many different musical influences on that one song you had no idea where the song was gonna go. It could have went in any direction and it was pretty impressive.

We highly recommend picking up this album (legally) as soon as you can! Papa Roach continues to work their asses off to deliver the best music they can. This album has a bit of everything for everybody.

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