Why Alter Bridge Need To Be In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

There has never been a time where I felt so strongly about a band having to be in the hall of fame. I remember back when they were Creed (minus Myles) and they were an alright band but they were made to be nothing more than Scott’s band. They weren’t allowed to utilize their full potential. At least that’s how it always felt to me.

When Myles took over and they became Alter Bridge it wasn’t about Myles. Myles allowed them the opportunity to go out there and kill it every night. He encouraged them to outshine him. They were more than a band. They were a family. You can see it every time they go on stage and have those epic guitar solos and smile and sing along to their own songs. They don’t just play music. They live the music.

Mark Tremonti went from just a guy in a band to THE guy. He was able to show us what he could do on that guitar. Everytime he plays it I get chills. He has become my favorite guitarist of all time. He never had that opportunity in Creed because it was more about Scott and his way of doing things. A band cannot thrive on one person. No matter how good the vocals are. The entire band makes the music not just one person. Let’s not forget Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall who also kill it every song! They are the greatest duo in music today and they are what it means for art to come alive.

On top of being incredibly talented they are also very smart. They know the ins and outs of the business. They know what people want. They know how to hook people into their music. In every album you can tell they put thought into every little detail. From the song placements on the album to the mixing to the instrumentals. Everything is done for a reason and there is never a wasted moment with Alter Bridge. Something that is hard for most bands to do. That is real talent and a lot of people don’t think about those little details but I do and it’s greatly appreciated. I’m sure there are people out there who feel the same way.

It’s impossible to be a fan of true rock music and not agree that Alter Bridge has brought back real rock n roll but also changed the way rock can be for the future of the industry since the business is constantly changing. Alter Bridge deserves a place in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

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