Courage My Love New Video “Need Someone” Is Inspiring

Courage My Love is a band that I watched grow up over the years. It started way back when we used to have a music store by my house and I would go there everyday and discover new musicians. I would buy albums from people I never heard of simply to give them a chance. Courage My Love was one of the bands I discovered that way. They were young kids with a more punk rock style and I loved the lead singers voice. I’ve been a fan ever since. They’ve come a long way. They’re no longer those kids anymore. They’ve matured and “Need Someone” really shows that.

We’re both canadians and it amazes me that I’ve never been able to see them live. They’ve come to my city a few times but I’m always working so I can never go. One day I hope to see them in person. I’ve always said the lead singer, Mercedes, has always had a voice where she can sing so many different genres of music if she wanted to.

They were discovered in a battle of the bands competition and were then signed to Warner Music Canada. In 2014 they were nominated for ‘best breakthrough group of the year’ for the Juno Awards. They recently just released their second full length album Synesthesia which is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend picking it up! The lyrics get more meaningful with each album they create which shows they continue to grow and learn as any artist should.

Need Someone is a song that I find myself connected with because I suffer from mental ilness and a lot of times I need someone to just tell me everything will be alright. There are people being bullied right now. There are people in rocky relationships. It’s a song that means something different to so many people but we can all agree that it’s a beautiful song.

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