Miley Cyrus releases Song Malibu And It’s Perfect

It’s been quite a long journey for smiley Miley. Starting her popularity as Hannah Montana she had to prove that she was more than that. A lot of child stars fall into the trap of being bitter about it and end up going crazy. Some might argue that Miley had a glimpse of losing her mind but she did those things to get noticed and it worked. She’s making a name for herself past the Hannah Montana image.

Miley has done charity work for many years. I’m confident in saying she always had her head on straight. She’s a smart kid. When your dad is Billy Ray Cyrus you learn things about the ins and outs of the business that will give you a distinct advantage in your career. People look at all of her scandals and say “poor child she needs help”. Where? Where does she need help? Drugs? Nude photos? It’s called being young. You can’t sit there and tell me Miley is the only one in the world who does these things. I don’t get pissed at women for taking nude photos. I get pissed at the idiots who hack these celebrity photos because they have no business getting involved in their personal lives. I’ve always been an advocate for gender equality and womens rights. If a woman wants to take a nude photo and send it out herself then it’s her right to do so. If a nude photo is leaked because of some idiot hacker that’s invasion of privacy and a completely different thing.

Today is the official release for her song Malibu and it’s amazing. It has a mature sound and the lyrics are meaningful. It’s clear that a lot of thought was put into it and you can see she had a lot of fun creating it. Exactly what I love seeing from any musician. The ending was a little weird where it just kind of ended out of the blue. Didn’t even phase out or anything but I won’t be nit-picky.

Who else remembers a few years ago when Miley went undercover to see what people thought of her. “The whole fabric of America is falling apart and she’s not doing anything to try to keep it together.” yea because Miley has amazing superpowers that can control people all over the world. Come on, people. Get a clue!

Check out Miley’s new song at and tell us what you think

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