System Of A Down New Album Coming Anyday…Anyday Now.

It seems like We’ve been waiting forever for the new System Of A Down album. I grew up idolizing this band. I was always the outcast kid who nobody wanted to be around because I was headbanging to “devil music”. I listened to bands like Slayer, Slipknot, Drowning Pool, Static X, etc. System Of A Down was my favorite band when I was a kid though. The weird vocals. The weird lyrics. The crazy humor they had on stage. I loved everything they did. I, like many of you, was sad when they went on hiatus but I continued to support their solo work. Scars On Broadway was decent but the lyrics and creativity lacked big time. Serj was the one who expanded on what he could do and show a different side to him that we didn’t get to see when he was in SOAD.

SOAD reunited in 2010. Since then they’ve been touring together but no plans of new music were announced. In 2016 it was finally revealed that the band had worked on many songs for a new album. Great. So, where is it? It’s been hinted that 2017 would most likely be the year it comes out but we’re in May right now and no word on a release date has been made.

System Of A Down goes back on tour on June 1st. This could very likely be them waiting until the tour to bring out new songs from their album and take it from there. Their Twitter has remained completely silent on whether or not they’re planning to sing us new songs on their tour so without any official confirmation we have to believe there’s no solid plans yet. Perhaps they just want to surprise everyone or perhaps there is a delay in their plans for the album. System Of A Down have been known to delay things because of personal differences in the band or just wanting to make an album as perfect as they can.

All of the members of the band seem to be doing different things right now so it could very well be them once again pursuing other things that is holding up the album release. I guess we’ll just have to bite our tongues until we hear any more updates on new songs or a release date for the album.

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