Avril Lavigne Working On New Album

Avril Lavigne has been one of my biggest inspirations both in the music industry and just as a human. The charity work that she has done for children and youth with serious illnesses and disabilities speaks volumes for the kind soul she is. Avril took a bit of a hiatus from music because of her Lyme disease. Her last album was in 2013. Which in the old days was a common thing to have albums few and far between but the music business is always changing.

I don’t just like to write blogs on musicians. I like to share my personal stories through these blogs and I want to tell you a little story about my experience with Avril. When she first burst out on the music scene I saw the rebellious side to her. The pop/punk princess with a “give no fucks” attitude. Yes, I swore. Come at me advertisers. It rubbed me the wrong way. Even in interviews she didn’t seem like she cared much about anyone. But over the years I got to know more about her and I discovered she was actually a shy person and that’s why she sometimes gave one word answers and barely looked at the interviewer. In her concerts she barely moves around or smiles and I always thought she didn’t take it seriously but I realized it’s because she cared so much that all she thinks about on stage is giving the best performance she can by sounding vocally perfect rather than jumping and running and ruining the vocals.

I’ve never been afraid to admit when I’m wrong and I could not have been more wrong about Avril. She has made millions of people all over the world emotionally attached to her every song. Every word. She made us feel happy and excited. She touched our lives. She has also saved many lives not just with her music but with her charity.

Her new album I’m sure will be poetic in nature. As she has had a roller coaster ride the past few years. She’s had ups and downs and came out on top doing what she’s always loved to do. I’m excited to listen to it and I’m excited to listen to this next chapter of her life.

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