Interview With Lynz Crichton & EP Review

If you haven’t heard contemporary folk singer Lynz Crichton you’re missing out on some awesome music! We’ll do an EP review of her new album at the end of this interview!

What is the biggest challenge for you when creating songs?
“The biggest challenge I face is finding the time to write. I have two small kids and they take up a LOT of time! In a few years time I can envisage, like a lot of musicians, you could fall into a rut with riffs, melodies, or even lyrical ideas and vocabulary(!)  …. but I’m not usually one to be lost for words, so I reckon I should be ok!”

2. Which musicians have influenced you?

“I grew up in the UK at a time when BritPop was HUGE. Bands like Oasis & Blur were massive and would have had a huge influence on me, but also smaller bands such as Mansun (not to be confused with Marilyn Manson!) were awesome and had a really unique sound (Go google the song Stripper Vicar by Mansun!) Besides this there are stacks of other awesome bands I used to love, from Manic Street Preachers to U2, to female fronted bands like Garbage and No Doubt. Nowadays artists like Ed Sheeran obviously influence what a solo singer-songwriter with a guitar will write and produce, but I am also influenced by lots of different genres, and sometimes even see a little bit of jazz or blues or R&B creep into my songs…”

3. How long have you been making music?

“Oh crumbs! Well, probably over 20 years….with a BIG break in the middle. I started to write as a young teenager but life happened. I went to uni, got a job, got married, travelled the world, had kids….so yeah, I stopped with music for a while and just presumed it would never work out for me. But not only did music NEVER leave me, but I have realised over the last year or so that musicians nowadays CAN ‘make it’ on their own, independently. It’s not an easy road, but it is definitely fulfilling.”

4. Could you tell us about the process involved with making your EP?

“I write songs myself, play and practice them, record them straight into my Focusrite iTrack Studio at home, send them off to my awesome Meister-Mastering guy, who sprinkles some sugar on top, send them back and they sound AWESOME!!! I had to do some very deep digging to find out why I even make music, and I have only recently realised that I started making music in the beginning as a total escape. I grew up in a very difficult family situation, my parents fought a lot, and my dad was an abuser, and so for me, music was my solace. I have realised that even the music I make today, the tracks on my EP, go under the theme of Aquittal. The song ‘All the Light you Cannot See’ is particularly poignant for me, as it is my take on becoming free of the obligation (or being aquitted) of life I had to lead growing up. The track #NastyGirl is also about me shaking of the shackles of how I feel as a stay-at-home mum in todays society, and how I feel about ‘that’ locker room quote. Tsk.”

5. What advice would you give to musicians who are just starting out?

“JUST DO IT! Go forth and make music. There are plenty of
platforms out there nowadays where you can find your stage and find
your voice, and more importantly find your FANS, but there are also so
many ways in which you can find help, even as an indie musician.”

The EP shows the many different vocal ranges Lynz is capable of. From the slow ballads to the more upbeat songs. Full of inspiring lyrics from her life experiences. Each song on the EP is meaningful and play off each other well. Like a storybook for your ears. Those were always the best ways to write albums to me. A lot of thought was put into the EP which shows she cares about the content she is putting out into the world. You can always tell when musicians are in a hurry to just get a song out.

We highly recommend buying this EP for only £3.99 you can’t go wrong!

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