Interview With Jessica Lynn

Many people are calling her Shania Twain’s successor but we call her one busy woman. She had her first international tour just last year and her career has only skyrocketed since. We somehow managed to discuss her current EP and music before she heads on a massive European/UK tour.

Can you share the process involved with creating your upcoming EP? 

“It was such an incredible experience traveling to Belgium to work with such an acclaimed producer, Patrick Hamilton on my upcoming release.  It was really interesting to collaborate to create a totally new sound, of what country music here in America is, and what popular music in Europe is.  Patrick’s team and I just sat in a room together with our instruments and the music that came out felt so natural and unique.  We threw around a bunch of ideas and settled on three songs that we felt best represented me as an artist.  Getting to record and write at such a beautiful studio in beautiful Belgium was something I will never forget.”
How do you stay energetic during live shows with the crazy work schedule you have?
“The secret to being energetic on stage is loving what you do!  I am so incredibly happy when I am singing and performing and all the worries of the business side of things and my hectic schedule totally go away when I am on stage.”
What is going through your mind knowing you get to open for the legendary ZZ Top?
“I am a HUGE ZZ Top fan.  We cover “Tush” in all of my live shows, so to get to open for them is really a dream come true.  They are just so cool.  I am  looking forward to seeing their concert that day as well.  All that is really going through my mind is just how excited I am and how much fun it is going to be.”
Where do you get most of your creative ideas for songs?

“Life!  Everything I write about is honest and taken from experiences in my own life.  I feel that when you stick to that, that your music is genuine and real when you sing and perform it.  It also makes for such beautiful and touching moments when your music means something to a fan or listener because you are truly connected with that person being that your emotions and connection to the song are the same.”

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