Rebecca Black Getting Ready For Her New EP

It’s been a long journey for Rebecca. She has worked extremely hard to change peoples perception of her after “Friday”. Here is what I always tell people. The goal of any musician is to make people remember their music. Good or bad. People may have hated Friday but it stuck in your head 24/7. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. I always knew the talent Rebecca had but unfortunately not everyone wanted to give her a chance. I remember, even back during Friday, Rebecca did an interview where she was asked to sing on the spot. They wanted her to prove she didn’t need autotune. I think it may have been the US national Anthem. She sounded great. There was no doubt she had talent.

Here we are, years later.  Rebecca has grown and evolved as all musicians do. I have followed Rebecca’s journey for most of that time and she continues to get better with each song. You can see the hard work and dedication she puts in to recreating a new image for herself.

Rebecca’s new single “Foolish” has a pop/dance vibe to it and it’s one of those songs I can see being played on the radio with people listening to it in their car and bobbing their heads and singing to it. It’s a fun song to listen and it shows that she has a good idea of where she wants to go as a musician. You can listen to it here

She has created a PledgeMusic campaign at recently where you can get awesome rewards for supporting her and buying her EP. I personally would love to get in on that beauty tutorial. Guys can be beautiful too so don’t discriminate! Not only do I want you to buy her EP but I’m actually looking to give someone a FREE EP download! Send me your email and I will choose someone. Also tweet me on twitter to win!


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