Singer Jewel Delivers Amazing Speech at #BFF2017

Last night Jewel participated in the mindfulness panel at the BFF2017 event. “Storytelling through music” is an amazing concept that Jewel made a perfect speech for. She talked about how her son really changed how she wanted to do things when it came to her music and her life. She wanted to choose happiness over being famous. One of my favorite quotes from her speech is “our happiness is something we owe ourselves”. Seems like simple words but this is something that we all forget.

Jewel went on to talk about how she was once homeless. “people often ask me ‘how do you go from being abused to being out at 15 to being homeless to being happy? And there’s really nothing special about me.” Jewel wanted people to understand that even though life throws every obstacle that it can at you it shouldn’t stop you from looking at yourself in the mirror and making the decision to overcome those obstacles.

“Being homeless is so dehumanizing. Animals worry about food, shelter, safety. Period. When humans are reduced to surviving they’re not allowed being a human. They’re reduced to an animal and it denies us of the priviledge, to me, of what being a human is. Which is, we have this amazing capacity to take a thought and manifest it and create a new world”.

She talked about something she created on her website called Mindfulness Tools which are exercises that help rewire your brain. I can honestly say the mission of that website is absolutely phenomenal and I’m proud of her and the team behind it.

Jewel then discussed mental illness. Anxiety/depression etc. “companies want employees to be more brave. More entreprenurial minded. It just isn’t that easy. You can’t say i want a braver employee. You have to say I want a braver human. I want a happier human.” I myself suffer from mental illness and for her to speak up about this and bring awareness to  the very seriousness of it makes me even more proud to support her. Too often companies don’t take mental illness seriously and they tell us we need to smile. We need to look happy. For someone who has serious depression it’s not easy to fake a smile. Some days we wake up and we just wanna cry. Some people have suicidal thoughts. Mental illness is not something we make up. It’s not something we can turn on and off like a switch. Companies need to understand this.

“I define mindfulness as the gap between perceiving a thought and acting on a thought”.

If you want to see her full speech you can check it on her Facebook page

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