Fozzy’s New Song “Judas” Rocks The World

If you haven’t heard of Fozzy…YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! This awesome rock band brings back the oldschool style of rock n roll mixed in with new rock elements that only they can bring. One of the hottest bands in the world, fronted by the goat Chris Jericho, have made a name for themselves worldwide.

On May 3rd Fozzy released their new song “Judas” which is actually supposed to be the theme song for NXT’s Takeover Chicago show. My takeaway from this song is that it’s simple but effective. I’ve listened to it on repeat for almost 2 days. I need help. The chorus is extremely catchy and that’s what makes a song stick in your head. Good or bad. You’re gonna hate me for what I’m about to say…but take Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song for example. It got a lot of hate. However, it stuck in your head. That’s the goal of any musician. To make you remember them.

One of the many fans of this song was a little boy who reminded me of myself when I was little. Headbanging to metal/rock songs before I could even stand or talk. Here is the link if you wish to watch this adorable boy Fozzy is currently working on a new album but there is no official release date at this moment. Chris Jericho had confirmed this in an interview that 2017 is most likely when the album will come out.

Check out the official new video for “Judas” at

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