“Behind The Bully” Song

I was on youtube looking up random videos when I discovered a 15 year girl with 4 subscribers and a few views. She had written and played a song called “behind the bully” and I was absolutely amazed at what I heard. Her soft voice was the kind you would listen to when you want to feel something. The way music was intended. You can tell she wasn’t singing to get popular. She was passionate about what she was singing and that is the most beautiful thing of music.

The song was about the very realism of bullying that is a part of our world. Most of us have been through it. I was bullied in high school so I feel the pain of anyone currently going through it. Here is the link to the song and I highly recommend subscribing to this amazing lady and giving her some love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0waQOTQOzDk&t=0s

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