The Cruel Knives Are Coming!

As a music lover it is my duty to provide you with news that most likely won’t be reported anywhere else. I am always on the hunt for new musicians and I’m always excited to share new bands that you guys can discover.

The cruel knives are a new rock band set to debut their first EP that you can pre-order RIGHT NOW on However, they are certainly not new to the music industry and are veterans at what they do. They formerly were in a band called Heaven’s Basement before the lead singer Aaron (who we interviewed yesterday) went solo. The band decided to call it quits on Heaven’s Basement and started The Cruel Knives where they brought in Tom Harris on vocals and Al Junior on the drums. Sid Glover and Rob Ellershaw are the other members of the band. They recently went on a Europe tour with The Pretty Reckless, so they have a ton of momentum going for them.

These guys have always been extremely loyal to their fans and always go above and beyond to show their appreciation. The most important thing to me as a fan of music is respect. I respect musicians who respect the business and respect their fans. You can be the most talented musician in the world but if you show that you don’t care about the people who support you then you’ve lost my respect. This is why it’s so nice to see real rockstars who don’t think they’re better than everyone. The Cruel Knives have the world going for them with the talent they have as musicians and the respect they show their fans will go a long way in receiving respect in return.

Feel free to listen to their new song on and subscribe to them on youtube at




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