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We recently had a chance to interview Aaron Buchanan of Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics and we got a chance to discuss his upcoming album as well as his passion for music
MUSIC LOVER NEWS: Could you tell us a little bit of the recording process involved with the creation of The Man With Stars On His Knees?
AARON: “The Man With Stars On His Knees” was recorded between late 2015 and early 2016 in both Australia and the UK at Plus 11 Recording Studios just outside London. The album consists of four musicians (inclusive of producer). Laurie Buchanan (Guitars), Ryan Woods (Guitars/Bass), James Curtis-Thomas (Drums/Production) and Aaron Buchanan (Vocals/Drums/Bass/Guitar). Much of the album was recorded to tape and bounced into digital format which allowed for an alternate sound to many of the recordings out on the radio today. We were very particular about the way the record sounded referencing Chris Cornell, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Alanis Morisette, Queen, Marilyn Manson and many other 90’s based sonics. We used dozens of amplifires from match-box amps to 1969 Marshall’s and HiWatts – it was quite a large production for two rooms and a sofa to sleep on! We lived at the studio for two months either side of a 7 week stint in Australia where (Aaron) tracked and formulated the arrangements.
MUSIC LOVER NEWSWhen was the first time you realised being a musician is what you wanted to do?
AARON: I don’t think you realise as much as it just happens. I think for Laurie, she basically picked up a guitar and never put it down to the point where when I see her without it around her neck she looks wrong to me these days, for my self, I just kind of started imitating other singers and it progressed from there. I think imitation is a great way to start building a sound – the more people you can imitate, the less likely you are to sound like any singular entity, hence, you become your own.
MUSIC LOVER NEWSWas it difficult to transition from your old band Heaven’s Basement to your current one?
AARON: Not at all, the band had run its course with me in it, my passion for rock music never dipped for a second, but my passion to be in that environment had depleted. I’m one of those guys out there that believes “If you’re not enjoying something, it’s time to try something new”. I’m happy it ended there, it was the right thing to do and I firmly believe this group of humans, the fantastic team that I work with and The Man With Stars On His Knees” album will lead to greater success, if not in wealth, most definitely in happiness. I still play songs from the “Filthy Empire” record and because we have two top-of-their-game guitarist in The Cult Classics, the songs have never sounded better.
MUSIC LOVER NEWSWith the rise of the internet do you feel like the music industry is being hurt or thriving?
AARON : The question is subjective. Sales have dropped but access has increased. More people WILL hear your music than ever before, but you damn well better hope your product is unique enough to encourage 1 in each 1000 people to purchase your music. I believe that’s a fair figure on digital-sales. 1 person in 1000 listens.
MUSIC LOVER NEWSDo you have any pre-show rituals before you go on stage?
AARON: I wouldn’t say I have rituals, but I do treat putting on my shirt and braces the same way I feel a band like Slipknot put on their masks. It doesn’t matter what has happened that day, when somebody is paying £10 to get into your gig its your duty to give them a show they won’t forget. 
MUSIC LOVER NEWSWhat advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are just starting out?
AARON: Prepare your self. By the time your band has got to a point where it can sell 250 tickets nationally, the industry will have already changed again. Be unique, make sure your productions of a competitive calibre and don’t settle. If somebody says your music is shit, don’t quit. I’d rather have somebody have an undying hate for my music than tell me “It’s alright” and brush it under the carpet. Give people something to be passionate about.
MUSIC LOVER NEWSDo you & The Cult Classics have plans to tour anytime soon?
AARON: The Cult Classics will be out on tour in the Autumn this year. In the mean time, we have Download Festival, Camden Rocks, Ramblin’ Man Fair and Wildfire Festival!
MUSIC LOVER NEWSWhere do you look for inspiration when you’re trying to think of song ideas?
AARON: I don’t search as much as I “build ideas over a year or so” when I think about a release (which is obviously something that is on my mind every day as a full-time musician). I think if you try to hard you’ll just end up with watered down version of a great idea, if you’re not living a life that inspires you to have something to write about, it’s time to think about the changes you need to make to achieve that place in your mind.
MUSIC LOVER NEWS: Do you have any projects coming up that you can share with us?
AARON: The Cult Classics is the only thing that matters right now, i’ve had offers to do some bits and bobs but focusing energy in the correct places is important. If you don’t believe in the thing you are spear-heading, nobody else will. A bit of PMA goes a long way!
You can follow Aaron Buchanan & the cult classics on their website
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